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Capturing your notes in a notebook should be fluid, quick and easy. So should saving your notes, so we built the Aha App around the idea that hand written notes should be embraced for what they are and not deconstructed into text or manipulated into something purely digital. It should be human. So we created a patent pending process where you simply crop and shoot your note and then capture a part of that note for the title filtered the way that makes most sense.


The majority of the notes and files we find on our computer we find through organizing into folders and then visually scanning folders. The primary reason notes are lost now is because they are generally a tiny thumbnail or a timestamp name. With Aha Notes they are your notes. They are images you pull from the note that reflect not only the note but much more than simple text. They are the moment condensed in a way that a simple visual scan reveals not only what you did but the moments.

Backup and Share

We have set up Aha Notes to seamlessly integrate with your digital world. With a Pro account we back up your files with our own cloud backup service as well as allow you to hook up your own cloud based services. We are starting with Dropbox, but will be integrating your favorite service soon.

When your realize how quickly it is to capture your ideas you will want to share, so we made that as easy as possible as well. A couple clicks and everyone can join the conversation in your favorite environment from Slack to HipChat to Email.

Works on Your Phone

Aha Notes will work in both Android and iOS on day one (does now!).

Aha Notes Desktop

Aha Notes will allow you to capture more of your ideas and loose them less, so it is only natural that you would want to review your notes with the same innovative image title based lists on your desktop. That is why we built the Aha App to work on your desktop from day one. When you are ready to build your idea out to it’s fullest potential, you can open Aha Notes on your desktop and use it to drive your ideas into reality.

Aha Notes will work on Windows and Mac.

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