How It Works Blog About Us Sign Up How It Works Blog About Us Sign Up close dev (v26) August 28, 2017 We Are "Aha Notes" A brand is more than a memorable logo or clever word. A brand is a sweet and simple expression of what a company stands for and believes in. A brand is why we do what we do... Read More August 22, 2017 Reham Ali @Reham_m_a, also known as Reham Ali is Egyptian and lives in between Egypt and Saudi Arabia. She creates bold art that will change the way that you think of water color..... Read More August 2, 2017 Notebook Prototypes So, I started experimenting. I tore out pages and glued them back into the correct context. Specific projects now had specific pages. It felt really good and gave a context that was usually lost.... Read More July 14, 2017 Why Aha Notes We are taught that there people who are creative and imaginative and others who are not...The truth is that everyone exercises imagination but it’s rarely recognized for what it is. Read More Featured @aha_notes JUNE 16 @aha_notes MAY 31 @aha_notes MAY 30 Sign Up For Updates! Sign up to learn more about Aha! SIGN UP NOW! SIGN UP NOW! How It Works Blog About Us Sign Up @ 2017 VERSION, LLC. Terms of Service Privacy Policy @ 2017 VERSION, LLC.