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The Aha Essential Notebook is a workhorse. It has all the flexibility of our patent pending magnetic spine at a reasonable price. Build your notebook with a whiteboard and two paper inserts or go all whiteboards! The book will adapt in the moment and will feel just as natural with one insert as it does with three.

Aha Pro Notebook

The Aha Pro Notebook exploits the patent pending design to the max. Since you only have to buy inserts going forward we made a stitched leather cover. Then we utilized the vacancy in the spine left by having a magnet binding and designed a pen holder with a textured rubber sheath that wraps and holds on to your pen when the book is closed. It is the most minimal, fully featured notebook you will ever experience.

Notebook Inserts


Whiteboards are the workhorse of building ideas, so why not have one on you at all times. Since Aha has the best digitzation process on the market, a transitory whiteboard will now become your most powerful tool.

Clear Board

Notes are aweseome, but being able to iterate on top of notes is even better. We have created a special insert that is clear so you can draw or print a form, say a phone or webpage, and iterate on top of it. It was an experiment that took on a life of it’s own so we have included it in our notebook.

Bound Paper (x2)

Our bound paper inserts have the magnets embedded in the cover so work just as smoothly as our whiteboards. If you choose paper as an insert for your notebook you will be able to choose from lined, dot grid, blank, and watercolor paper options.

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